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Made In Italy

100% guarantee made in Italy


Some shoes are a limited edition product. Meaning only between 50-500 of that particular shoe will be made.

Satisfaction guarantee and free return policy

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free-returns policy Shoes must be sent back to us within 30 days after receiving the package in pristine, unworn condition to qualify for a refund. Contact Us to request a refund and confirm the shipping address. A delivery company will then collect your package with no hassle or cost to you.

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Vet MMXIX Featured in Esquire. Exclusive Limited Edition

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Wedge Ankle Boot

Stephone Bryan - Red & Black Wedge Ankle Boot

Exclusive Limited Edition

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Stephone Bryan - Coral & Vintage Textile Stiletto Buckle High Heel

Exclusive Limited Edition

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Platform Pump

Stephone Bryan - Coral & Red Vintage Textile Tassels Platform Pump

Exclusive Limited Edition

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Basketball Hi Tops

Stephone Bryan - Black & White Cement Basketball Hi Tops

Exclusive Limited Edition

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Collector's Edition Packaging

 handmade Italian packaging and solid magnetic clip that keeps the box closed completely. Enjoy a completely custom and top-quality collector's edition packaging. Amazing print quality with top quality gloss paper strictly from Fabriano, Italy. 

Handcrafted in Italy

All custom shoes are handmade by master Italian craftsman from pristine leather and cruelty free vegan materials.

Exclusively sold here. Limited Edition shoes

Each shoe is a protected design and Limited Edition product. You can only find the very limited amount here in this shop. When purchasing one for the few available, you will receive an official Limited Edition Certificate

Mary J Blige Foundation For The Advancement Of Women Now, Inc.

With every purchase we are pledging 5% of profits to the foundation. 


I love them. The quality is better than what I expected and the fit is perfect! Very impressed with the box also

Tokyo Wzc

The shoes are so well made, and the leather is very soft. You can see and feel the quality

Donna Madronal

The stitching and materials used to create these magnificent shoes are amazing

Hasan Yates

I cannot get over the quality of each shoe! It is unimaginable. It is precise, well put together and very crisp!

Patricia Pereira

The overall quality of the shoes are amazing; the craftsmanship that was put in is top notch

Rj Santiago

Everything is mad perfect. The packaging is very classy. It exceeded my expectations

Ahmad Almoalla

The shoes are superb! Very well crafted, including the box design. I am very impressed and pleased.


Stephone Bryan

Stephone Bryan - A brand born in the shadow of urban lifestyle it's inspired by


Breadwinner Kane. Hip Hop Artist


Justin Wheeler

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